background or reference material

this section contains pages with background or reference material concerning the humanese english language the purpose of which is to facilitate psychophilosophical inquiry by providing a common language for exploring the terrain and reporting one's results.

if psychophilosophy is ever to become a science; then, a professional vocabulary will become necessary.

a common language will also support communication among those pursing a path of self-inquiry thru exploration of self-awareness; a path toward greater understanding, enlightenment or a higher state of consciousness; or, any similar path; but, such a language must allow divergent beliefs to be expressed within it.

glossary - a dictionary of terminology used on this website.

humanese - specification for a hypothetical language that would meet the need for a common language for psychophilosophical inquiry; and, which could be implemented in any natural language.

symbology - presents the symbology of first person psychophilosophy using a pronoun-based language.

§1: other documents

Kant on Predicates - a critique of Kant's taxonomy of predicates.