Tribe EPO: Existential / Phenomenological / Ontological

[ I1 - I2 - I3 ]

§1: the choice

from the initial position of inquiring, neutral skepticism, [ I1 - I2 ? I3 ], one reaches this position by accepting that there is an immaterial component to the human individual; but, it is likely to be a step toward a more complete belief system (which may or may not exhibit a different structure diagram).

§2: clans within tribe EPO

the three clans within this tribe all assume/conclude that the human individual consists of a human body, an ontological component and an experiencer that is not identical to either the existential or the ontological component; but, make different claims as to the origin of the experiencer.

clan: SET: substantial entity trionism: [ I1 - I2 - I3 ] - the I2 has or is constructed from distinct substance which, however, may be derivative.

clan: TET: transient entity trionism: [ I1 - I2 <= I3 ] - the I2 is a transient entity whose substance is 'borrowed' from the I3.

clan: VET: virtual entity trionism - the I2 is more of a phenomenon rather than a thing having substance.

family CIT: cartesian interactive trionism: [ I1 ~> I2 <~ I3 ] -

family QIT: quantum interactive trionism: [ I1 - I2 - I3 ] -

§3: commentary on trionic psychophilosophies

explaining the interaction between components is problematic for any belief system concerning the structure of the human individual; and, at first glance, at least some belief systems having a trionic pronoun schema seem to have two interactions to explain.