critque of cartesianism and anti-cartesianism

§0: situation

the reader may have noticed some similarities and some differences between my findings and those of Rene Descartes; so, perhaps, a comparison with cartesian thinking is in order.

some of these points emerged in during the course of my philosophical meditations. others derive from my research into the secondary literature of cartesianism. I2've placed them here to present them in a coherent fashion. in one sense the incorporation of previous scholarship indicates that I2've gone beyond the purely meditative approach; but, I2 prefer to see the construction of a coherent and consistent critique of cartesianism as an extended meditation on the path itself.

it is a common thought that Descartes' aim in writing his Meditations was to invite the reader to undertake the journey of the inquirer -- the 'I' of the Meditations is the 'I' of any reader who accepted that invitation.

I2 find myself embarked on this same journey; but, reporting results that are not identical to those reported by Descartes; so, clearly, there is for a critique to identify and preserve the insights of cartesianism as well as the insights of anti-cartesian thinking.