The Logic of Reality

in this section, I2 will present various aspects of the logic of reality.

Anticipations - presents versions or glimpses of the first law of reality (nothing unreal is self-aware) acknowledged or advocates by past psychophilosophers.

Foundation - presents the logic of reality from the ground up; from its first principles. it is important to note that this is more or less the reverse of the order of discovery (for this I2, anyway).

Taxonomy - a taxonomy of reality types; or, more generally, a taxonomy of all that (allegedly) is.

Alternate Root Predicates - desireable; but, problematic.

Experientio - a derivation of I2 experience; therefore, I2 am. obviously, the experientio is structurally similar to Descartes' cogito (I think; therefore, I am); but, without some of the warts.