the 'what am I?' meditation technique

notes on the presentation

1. an actual meditation session will contain any number of QAR 'rounds' and a particular QAR will recur in any number of sessions.

2. the first couple examples come up before the switch from 'who am I' to 'what am I'and are presented as they came up. any of the other examples on this page could have come up had I not made the switch. thus, I conclude that 'what am I?' is the more fundamental question. it can elicit any answer that 'who am I?' can elicit and more.

'who am I?' asks about my individuality or personality; it asks 'how is this particular human individual configured?' or 'how am I related to others'. 'what am I?' asks 'what is this that has been configured?' or 'what is this that is related to that'. I may have switched too soon, for many idiosyncratic identifications came up and had to be disposed of. and, of course, for the moment I am sidestepping the question of who or what does the configuring.